the ("")
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 23:19:39 -0500 (EST)

Dear Friends,

Randy Hostetler died last Feb. 1, leaving a void that for many of us is no
less aching a year later. But when we think of Randy, I think we also
inevitably feel a great sense of joy, as we remember his passion, his
talent, and his commitment to creating artistic communities--his desire,
literally and figuratively, to bring us all into his living room, to
share, listen, laugh, learn, celebrate.

I am very happy to announce that Randy's Living Room lives on.

Today, we launch the, a Web site created in Randy's
visionary spirit as a place where artists and their supporters --
especially those interested in experimental music, new artistic ideas,
performance art, multimedia performance, live art, improvisation and avant
garde creative endeavors of all kinds -- can exchange information,
concepts, viewpoints, and sound and video file samples of their works. The
site is sponsored by the nonprofit Randy Hostetler Living Room Fund.

Please come to and take a look around.

And please leave something behind. Like Randy's own living room, the is just a bunch of (virtual) furniture right now. We've set
it up as well as we could, but now it needs you, and people you know, to
fill it with music and art and multimedia creations, with news and opinion
and excitement.

The first thing we ask you to do (and you don't even need Web access for
this) is join our mailing list, You can do that by
sending an e-mail to with the words "subscribe
meeting" in the body of the message. (Come to "The Meeting Room,", for more details.) When anyone
sends mail to, it will go directly to every
subscriber, as well as onto a page within the site.

But also contribute your work and your ideas and your imagination. Send us
any of your creations that have been digitized. If you know a lot about
the Web, take a section of the site under your wing, or help your
less-savvy friends digitize their work. (Come to "About This Site,", for more information.)

Please let anyone who might be interested know about the
We intend to go more fully "public" in a month or so, once we have a
stockpile of material. But enjoy the site in the meantime. And make it

Best wishes to you all,

Dan Froomkin