Re: What are you working on?
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 22:52:50 -0500 (EST)

Hello, fellow Living Room inhabitants.
Thought I'd just respond to Dan's invitation here.

My name is Tim Bonenfant, and I am a clarinetist living in Las Vegas, NV. I
met Randy at CalArts, probably during his first semester there, although the
exact date escapes me.

I was a participant in some of the Living Room concerts in SilverLake, and
Randy and I did some work on other various projects as well.

I am currently teaching part-time at UNLV, and preparing to make a recording
this spring/summer of the music of Alvin Etler (1913-1973). I also am going
to be on two separate recordings of different composers later this year.
Those pieces are already "in the can", so to speak. The first is a piece by
Steve Horowitz called "The Evening News" (for solo clarinet), which is coming
out on PONK Records as part of a CD that will feature Steve's music. (Steve
is also a Living Room/CalArts alum). I think you can hear a snippet of that
recording at the LR webpage. The other piece is by a local Las Vegas composer
by the name of Walt Blanton, "Wind Songs One" for clarinet and percussion,
and the CD is of his music. "Wind Songs" was given its first performance at a
Living Room concert, and "News" was also done there, so I am very grateful
that Randy gave me the opportunity to try these pieces out.

That's me in a nutshell for right now. Looking forward to hearing from all of
you as well.