larry hewes (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 09:02:05 -0800 wrote:
> To the Hostetlers and everyone I met in D.C. this weekend:
> Thank you so much for a terrific and stimulating Living Room experience. I
> am envigorated and exhausted at the same time.
> To the meeting:
> I knew Randy because I sang in the Yale singing group Redhot & Blue. We were
> not at Yale at the same time, but we met at one of the Redhot & Blue reunions
> which take place at Yale every 5 years. The next reunion is coming up in a
> couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to seeing lots of people who knew
> Randy there.
> I am producing a six-concert series here in New York, at the Anthology Film
> Archives in the East Village, with fellow composers Eleanor Sandresky and
> Philip Glass. We are starting the process of reconstructing the score and
> parts to Randy's P(L)ACES so that we can perform it on the series, which
> will start on September 9, 1997. The Hostetlers and I amassed several
> computer files (in ProCo), a Third Percussion part, the visual-notation score
> which he used to conduct and the videotape of the reading which took place at
> CalArts. What I need now is contact with any of you who played in that
> reading, or were involved somehow in the preparations for it. I'm looking
> specifically for actual parts which players used at the reading, because they
> contain handwritten markings which are not on the computer files. Please
> e-mail me if you have parts, or even if you just remember something about
> Randy's work on P(L)ACES which you think would be useful. Or just to tell me
> you were there, so I can ask you questions about it. The more I know, the
> better. Thank you!!!
L: Wasn't at Places, but loved your stuff on Sat. Told you they, or at
least one of them, were (was) really a love song. So glad you're doing
Randy's stuff. Important that his creativity, drive, leadership and
dedication to moving things forward can go on. Good look. Hope you will
keep us all informed about this project, as appropriate, and also about
what you are doing, too.

Best wishes. Larry Hewes