Re: Hey Livingroomers! Look Alive!

Dick Higgins (
Sat, 17 May 1997 15:25:10 -0500

>Hi everyone. The meeting mailing list -- and the Web site
>in general -- have not exactly been hopping lately!
>Anyone want to share with the group? What are you working on? What's your
I'm new to this list, am an artist aged 59, currently researching "lost
works" by the American avant garde composer Henry Cowell (1897-1965,
teacher of John Cage, Lou Harrison, myself, George Gershwin, etc.) and the
Ukrainian Berlin Dadaist Jefim Golyscheff (1898-1970, almost all his early
works destroyed by the nazis). Interested in current (post-post-modern)
theory. Struggling to survive outside academia (survival suggestions
interesting). Besides making acrylic paintings I am also into typography.

>And does anyone have ideas on how to liven up the site and the list? We're
>open to ANY and ALL suggestions!

Will have to wait on that.

>Do some of you have work, but no way to digitize it? Do some of you have
>ways to digitize, but no work? Oh, if we could only put you in touch with
>each other!

Will have to wait on that too.

>Anyone looking for anything? Thinking of something?

Right now there is nothing on my mind.

>Any ideas for what I (Dan) and Zona (your hosts) can or should do

Will have to wait on that too.

>Dan Froomkin

Curious about what I do? You can view some paintings at the Left Hand Books
site, <> (they are for sale) and other
things at the Ubuweb one, <> (they aren't)
among others. My next book that is coming out will be: MODERNISM SINCE
POSTMODERNISM (San Diego: San Diego State University Press, June 1997). You
can get it through Amazon Books, <>.