Re: How To Evaluate-Judge-Quantify

Laurence I. Hewes, III (
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 09:49:46 -0700 wrote:
> i personally would rather hear iteresting music from some dope like me that
> has no education than some well versed individual playing all the hits!
> george


Some random thoughts on your short, pungent email on music and

The whole purpose of music creation or any creation is to try to produce
something worthwhile and beautiful, whether it's mainstream,
contemporary, experimental, etc. The purpose should not be to produce
music according to the rules of some "academy" or "school." In this
regard, we shouldn't care who it comes from.

Whatever you do and however you listen, so long as you are trying in
some way to forward beauty and a better world for yourself, you are
doing a good thing. But having said that, it is critical that education,
in the real purpose of that word, shouldn't be looked down on. Quite the
opposite. By education, I mean a grounding and knowledge of the subject,
an openness to the new and the ability to create, partly based on that
knowledge. Education certainly should not mean a pedantic and inflexible
adherence to some formula, set of rules or school of composing and
performing. One of the major problems in this country is a combination
of contempt for "education" and lack thereof. One result, for example,
and there are many other, all bad, is ridiculously low pay and status
for people who take our youth in their hands.

While the "level" of one's formal education in music shouldn't determine
whether one listens or creates, or our reaction to such creation, what
does matter is what one does with what one has. In that regard, an
education, in the best sense of that word, is a good thing.

Larry Hewes