Re: How To Evaluate - more

Philly the Kid (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 09:57:05 -0500

>rico!!! know what i am talking about when i use tirms
>like..."playin' all the hits" now stop acting coy and show some real
>emotion about what oyu are talking about and stop all of this fake
>intellectual bullshit....damn i am really pissed off!!

OK - here it is...I find it totally useless to have a discussion in which
everyone shouts or tries to be 'hipper' than the next guy - and in which
the substance of the discussion is completely and totally subjective
opinions! I posed the original post and all the subsequent posts to
encourage persons to take a look at their assumptions and preconceptions
and to ask themselves why they feel the way they do, could they bring
anything to the discussion other than "I just like it" or "that sucks".

I am not being coy, obviously I have my own subjective likes and dislikes
and notions, and just because I have a couple degrees in music doesn't mean
my subjective likes are more valid than the next guy.

As far as "fake intellectual bullshit", I can't help it if I have language
that allows me to describe phenomena in a way that isn't entirely
personalized - or that hinges on phrases like "you know what I mean", the
whole point was to try to get people to rip apart assumptions and see if
there was a way to make the discussion more objective? Not easy, and by the
way, there is nothing 'fake' about my intellect...if youy feel threatened
that's your trip...

The very fact that this whole thing has agitated you, may indicate I am on
to something, then again you just may be a very disagreeable person...?

Forget BB King, what makes an artist an innovator? DO you have any thoughts
on that ?