Re: How To Evaluate - more

Philly the Kid (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 14:55:20 -0500

>please...i'm just trying to make the whole thing more interesting...

What whole thing? I posted a long piece with a lot of questions to open
debate - I haven't really heard you respond to much of it directly yet?

as of yet
>the topics have been dull and tedious to say the least...

Well, then why don't you offer something interesting to discuss rather than
telling everyone off?

i thought this was
>going to be a descusion about the more modern music and perhapes pinpoint the

OK - let's talk about Modern Music. But how can we if we have no common
language and I don't know if your experience refelects anything in mine?
That's why I have been bringing up these other issues - to see if there is
a way of talking about music that won't bog down into "I just like it"

Why don't you tell me what modern music is to you? And what makes it modern?

and frankly bbking running up and down a tired old blues scale
>isn't my idea of moving forward.

Ok - I don't know why you are so obsessed with Bb King. Let's say that his
music is boring then and that he is doing the same thing he always has.
That he is just playing a very simple blues chord progression and running
boring scales over that. Is there someone that plays some style of Blues
that isn't boring to you? If so why? Is the whole Blues tradition totally
worthless? Are the scales and chords allt hat matter and make the music
effective? What about the singing or thge lyrics?

How bout the older sudty delta blues thing form the 30's and 40's? Is this
music dead if that world no longer exists - can we only be concerned with
the present?

Here - more questions - for more discussion. Why don't you get into this
stuff - if you have problems with Modern Music or questions about it or
need some recs then ask and perhpas someone on the list will be bale to
offer some info?

>why does it sound like i am talking to my dad..? is everyone 40 or

I don't know your dad so I don't knwo what that would mean. I happen to be
36 but I don't think that fact alone will tell you much about me or how I