Re: New Topic!!!

Philly the Kid (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 11:20:25 -0500

Well, the discussion of political realities is deep and requiring far more
knowledge and assimilation of info than I can offer, but I will make this
somwhat simplistic observation...

The left as I perceive it - the one that had 'cache' in the 60's that I
grew up around (as my parents were active in the peace movement and civil
rights) and that I have studied to some extent, suffered from some
intrinsic dilemas which as far as I can tell, have not been worked out.
THese dilemas have to do with divergent views within the various grassroots
efforts. A body of persons and thinking was loosely linked by perhaps
something larger and concrete like: "end the war in Vietnam", but when it
came down to analysis and ideas about how to respond - the left was
fractured into so many factions. For all the insidiousness of the security
state they didn't even have to destabalize in many cases because the
different sub groups were fighting amongst themselves and spinning their
wheels. Idealism is very attractive at 20 years old. And everybody has a
personal opressor. Add in that the forces of capitalism and its
accompanying propoganda apparatus have never stopped their 24-7-365 efforts
and what you have is a lot of bitter, disenfraqnchised, marginalized, lost,
confused, hopless, or opportunists...from folks who otherwise might

THe fact that I still encountered "the lesser of 2 evils" argument in the
last election boggles my mind.

THe reactionary forces, the bible thumpers and others, at a certain point -
they all rally and get on the same page. Ralph Nadar couldn't even pull 5%
of the vote which is a significant number in that the Greens could then
have gotten matching funds in the next round...

WHy is this - because so called "leftward" people bog down in theoretical
arguments and or are too analytical too often see the big picture. Jerry
Brown or Ralph NAdar or whoever, that actually has a chance to get ou;t
there and make some noise and has at least some lucidity with regards to an
anlysis - can't get anywhere because half the left has some problem or
another with these guys.

I highly recommend people read Sarah Diamonds books on the religious right
and how they've been very practical and logical and sytematic in their
efforts spanning 25 years or more...when you wonder how things have gone so
backwards - its no accident. And the left has not been able to counter. Is
there even a "Left" big "L" anymore?

THe flow of information that would at least help bring some folks together
is virtually disappeared. I still have persons telling me that PBS/CPB is
legit! After a decade of PAcifica I know better...but most people don't
have access to the scant alternative streams of information and there is
very little in the constructs of everyday life to facilitate any
independent thinking and action - you have to be very dedicated and often
make tremendous personal sacrafices to live your principles...

Sooner or later capitalism will implode and we'll see what happens but if
the country didn't erupt over NAFTA and GATT then I don't even know if
their is a"labor" to appeal to for mass movements?

As far as Clinton the DEM in the WH...the DEM has looked more like a REP to
me. ITs all pretty much the same except for a little civil legislation here
or there. He backed off health care as he cowtau to the insurance industry
and he hasn't reduced the military much and even Bush couldn't get NAFTA
through....Isn't it time for at least a parliamentary govt with
proportional representation?

MY only hope is that any decent and somewhat liberal (euphomism for too
many things that have nothing to do with views - I;dlike a new term...)
person will begin to see the neeed for a 3rd party option. At first it will
be difficutl because the combined Dem and 3rd will allow the REB to get in
there but guess what since 1980 its been a nightmare soon to be 1/5 of the
20th century -- as for any mass movements - I think from the board rooms to
the think tanks to the CIA and whoever else they have learned from the 60's
and other periods and that it is highly unlikely that any people's movement
could emerge - and if it did - probably even more insidious destabalizing
would occur causing brother against brother and more divide and conquer.

Unfortunately - I can't see any peacful way to a transition and right now I
see very few seeds of revolution. It will take large crisis to shake the
foundations --- nuclear disasters, plagues, etc...

AS for the left in music - I don't klnow what that would be? Frederic
Rzewski writing the "People United WIll NEver BE Defeated" ? I mean it has
a left theme but the notes and rhythms don't strike me as left? IF left is
supposed to be synonymous with say breaking rules or musical cooperation I
guess you could find a way to call some music left or right - maybe the
infamous "schlock" we've been talking about recently could be seen as
opressive art control from the "man" trying to keep the masses doped and
duped...? I don't know - I think I;ll leave that analysis to others...