Re: De-Lurking

Julian Cook (
Wed, 02 Jul 1997 17:09:56 -0400

I am in complete agreement with you on this one Mathew.

I remember the thing that got me into experimental music. My buddy Dave
had two tuning forks, one 4 mhz and the other 6 mhz. (At least I think
thats what they were). He dinged them together and put one next to each
ear and said "Listen for the commonality". From that point, I HAD to buy
a sampling keyboard and computers have brought me to a new realm.

I have since been living here in Washington DC, too busy for the last
couple of years to really do anything experimental and now that I have
time, I can't find people or places that cater to my needs for something

I remember about 4 years ago when I had just lived moved to New York and
used to take my Amiga computer with me to a coffeehouse and read my
poetry. I was no Laurie Anderson but I did have a couple of fans that
used to love my stuff (I found out later that they were heroin addicts
and they used to see me whacked, so my work was enjoyed on another plane
of consciousness, har har).

Yes, there was a time there seemed to be group of folks like myself,
just can't find 'em anymore. Can't find their works either.

Yes, it makes me sad too. Perhaps you and I and the rest of the folsk
here can re-start it. Wouldn't that be grand?!

Julian Cook