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> Subject: De-Lurking
> Date: 06 August 1997 13:42
> I've been a little intimidated; all the knowledge and passion i've seen
> here has left me feeling like some kind of dilettante.
> Let me say this: i joined this group because i've been feeling a
> profound lack of experimental art in my life. It seemed to come to me
> much more easily in the eighties; there was a TV show on PBS, hosted by
> Laurie Anderson for a while, then by David Byrne, that focussed on
> avant-garde artwork, music, film, video, etc. (anybody remember what it
> was called?) It seemed that any arthouse movie theater would show
> "Koyaanisqatsi," "Home of the Brave," "Swimming to Cambodia," etc.,
> although those same arthouses only seem to show films on the
> Merchant-Ivory template now. In the eighties, it felt like the
> avant-garde in art touched, however softly, the mainstream of our
> culture, and all a working joe like me had to do was turn on the TV or
> go to the movies to find it.
> Where has that gone? How can i get my art-fix? What movies have i
> missed, what books? What composers? (the only easy-access
> experimentalism i know nowadays is Kronos; i can find their CDs at Sam
> Goodys)
> So i guess i'm looking for two things: i'm looking for guidance,
> recommendations, help finding things that would challenge and inspire
> me; and i'm also trying to find out what changed in the last ten years,
> and how to change it back.
> Matt
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