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>The thought is a good one. Why must we teach our children that the tonal
>way is the only way.

Charles Ives father was a Civil War Band LEader. He once split his band in
2 halves and started them at different ends of town and told them to
progress towards the center. He had them playing different things - perhps
different jeys or tempos and he stood their and watched and listened as
they converged.

He had all the Ives children learn the same ditties in different keys at
the same time.

Tonalit(ies) may have some basis in cultural formation and evolution but it
is by no means the only way to hear. And it is inescapable in our current
culture -from movies to jingles to broadway...

We so engrain it into their skulls through the means
>of radio, television, movies, nintendo, etc, that all they know is tonality.
>Where does that leave people like us? Must we write tonal music in order to
>"make it" as composers?

Of course not.


>It is interesting that when I was a wee lad at Granny's house and would bang
>away on the piano it was cute. Now when I do it and play my works it is
>obnoxious. Naivity? On whose part?

Well, slip granny a little more of that medicine in her cup and I;m sure
she'll come around...:_)

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