Fwd: John Cage Event September 5th in Maryland (fwd)

Philly the Kid (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 10:49:16 -0700

> We're back! Our first in-town event will be not this Saturday, but
>next Saturday, Sept. 13, at 7:30 p.m.--look for more details early next
>week. In the meantime, you might consider attending the following event at
>the University of Maryland:
>"AtlantiCage Ninety-seven^85: A Birthday Circus for John Cage" will be
>presented on September 5th, 1997 at 8 PM at the Tawes Fine Arts
>building on the campus of the University of Maryland at College Park.
>The event is free and open to the public.
>The celebration, organized by members of "Silence: The John Cage
>Internet Mailing List", will include performances and reading of
>works by Cage, as well as performances inspired by his work and life.
>In keeping with his principles of peaceful anarchism, the event will
>include simultaneous performances of different works, as well as
>related visual and sound events. It is presented as part of the
>worldwide "Freedom Summer" series in conjunction with the Pauline
>Oliveros Foundation.
>The event will begin on the brick stage on the north side of Tawes
>Theater (to the left of the theatre as you face it) with a Tuning
>Meditation, followed by a listening walk through the area, arriving at
>Room 2102 of the Tawes Fine Arts Building where the rest of the events
>will occur.
>Bring yourself and an open ear. If you'd like to contribute to the
>reception afterwards, food donations are appreciated.
>Contacts: Matthew Ross Davis <>
> Tom Bickley <>
> Joseph Zitt <>
> Silence: The John Cage Internet Mailing List:
> For the official map, see the University web page at
> and click on
>the Southwest Quadrant.
> For alternate directions, see
>By Car:
> The University of Maryland sits right in the corner of the
>intersection of 193 (University Blvd.) and Adelphi Rd.
> From either direction on 495, take the College Park exit
>(Rt. 1 south) and head south on Rt. 1 through several traffic lights.
>After a few miles, you will see signs for 193 west, which will be a
>right exit down a ramp. Take this exit, continue west through one
>traffic light. The next traffic light will be Campus Drive, on which
>you will turn left and enter the campus. Stay to your right, going
>through the traffic circle and keeping to your right. You will go
>between the construction for the Maryland Center for the Performing
>Arts on your right, and a huge parking garage (behind which is the
>stadium) on your left. Soon, you'll reach a second traffic circle,
>through which you pass, still staying to the right and going straight.
>A soccer field will be on your right, and the next stop sign you get
>to, turn left.
> The large parking lot that is now to your right is Lot 1,
>and Tawes Theatre looks west across it. Park in Lot 1 (it's open to
>visitors without a permit after 4 PM on weekdays), and walk
>towards the theatre, and you should see us gathering out on a brick
>stage in a small courtyard next to the theatre entrance. The main
>building entrance is actually on the opposite side of the building,
>and the room for the performance (2102) is on the second floor.
>By Public Transportation:
> The College Park Metro is not really within walking distance of
>Tawes; there are shuttles that run from the station to campus, or
>you can take a cab. Tawes is at least a mile or two from the
>Metro station.
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