Re: repeat listenings

David Labell (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 18:54:59 -0400

At 01:06 PM 10/21/97 -0700, Philly the Kid wrote:
>We got into this somewhat a while back, but I for one could live the rest
>of my days
>never hearing another Elvis or Beatles song again.

Heh heh, that was me. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers.

Whatever may have been
>comelling and fresh at some point in time is long dead. And I would contend
>that no piece of music ever written and recorded, or passed on orally, has
>warranted the gabillion playings that this music has received. (most 60's
>rock n roll is only interesting to me now in the context of a documentary
>or period film)

During the 60s, I was a little classical music weenie, listening to my
older brother's Schubert records and shunning Elvis and the Beatles. I
discovered them later.

However, one of the pieces my bro liked was Schubert's last work, the
Quintet in C Major. I heard it live for the first time last Saturday. I
just found myself absorbed again by this incredible piece. Lots of layers,
lots to think about, makes me want to find a modern CD of it so I can think
about it some more. This thread really seems timely when I suddenly
discover a piece that I loved 30 years ago.

>I don't like music that is square and symetrical and boringly tonal.
>I go back to music for 2 reasons:
>To get a certain fix (fulfill expectations)
>To seek further exploration (few pieces hold this complexity)

Very well put.