Re: "Creative Music" ???
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 22:54:57 -0400 (EDT)

first of all i was kidding....sort of. i know that we must have
distinctions between different sounds and what not...however if we are going
to the trouble of that perhaps we could pin point a little
more...alternative?? what the hell is that ? personaly most of it could go
under rock...or the trash can for that have time periods
to....rock in the 50's isn't what it became in the 70's. what is the
distinction between the evolution? like you mentioned before...perhaps we
need several subcatagories but who is going to tell the record
stores...really just speculation until someone takes the advice to heart with
the position to execute. creative music....that is a tough one. i read
recently about an author depicting geniusness by issues of taste...keeping in
mind of the histery of the music and art and the trends of the time. perhaps
a middle ground between what is known to be good and mixing with the sounds
of a more modern era? frankly this is the post-modern era in the art world
and i am looking to take it in a new direction. perhaps not one that is
revalutionary in the way things have been in the past..but taking a look at
the future or the next step. me personally i have decided to look at music
that i like and not repeat it but take elements that make it good and use it
more as a guild line. for instance, i have been looking at old country
western music for inspiration just because it has be thrown out like garbage.
it isn't the most perfect music and what it has been trasformed into is a
gross display of cock rock i have ever seen. but when you go back to the root
of it all it has several jazzy aspects and some feel good little licks. and
i started to realize why it was so good to listen was because used
the tone of the instrument to their advantage. so now i that i have
identified a good trait about the music....i do not copy the style but rather
bring an intuitive influence that isn't noticably from the style...but
cultivate it and merge the good aspects into the music that is being made now
in the post-modern era. of course it is difficult to talk about...if you have
any further questions or comments i would love to hear it..