Randy's P(L)ACES
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 14:30:36 -0500 (EST)

Hi everyone - I know some of you, some I don't. I enjoy reading all of the
interchange here, although I am usually quite shy about speaking up online, I
am eager to tell you all about the upcoming world premiere of Randy
Hostetler's "P(L)ACES" for eleven instruments and floor lamps. I am
producing a concert series here in New York with Philip Glass, who is serving
as our Executive Producer, and my fellow producer/composer Eleanor Sandresky.
The series, Music At The Anthology, began on September 7 with our opening
gala concert, about which Paul Griffiths of the New York Times wrote, "nobody
could have left without finding something to remember and think about." Our
third concert, on January 13, 1998, will feature the world premiere of
Randy's piece, with special guests the Talujon Percussion Quartet. I am
involved in reconstructing the score and parts now, and have been in touch
with some of you who knew the piece - you may hear from me again as work

The project is expensive, and we are happy to have some support from ASCAP,
the Heathcote Foundation, the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and other individuals,
but we need an extra push for this event, and although I know all of you are
starving artists just like me, I urge you to send any amount (no amount too
small) to: The Candy Jernigan Foundation for the Arts, Inc., c/o Bernard
Dikman, 1841 Broadway, Suite 500, New York, NY 10023, and write "P(L)ACES"
on the check. All donors will receive a signed thank-you from Philip Glass,
and donors of $200 and more will be invited to attend an event in the Spring,
to meet him and all of us so we can thank you personally. I am grateful to
be working on such a fascinating project, and it is not possible to present
work like Randy's, and like all of ours, without a grass-roots effort.
Thanks - I look forward to seeing some of you at the concert - January 13,
1998, at the Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue and 2nd Street. If
you want to talk to me about this project or the series, call me at (718)
884-3348, or e-mail me!

Best wishes,

Lisa C. Bielawa