Re: Peter Gizzi and Trevor Winkfield at Bridge Street Books

David Labell (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 06:29:59 -0500

At 08:01 PM 11/19/97 -0500, Julian Cook wrote:
>WHere is Bridge Street Books? I am relatively new to the DC area.
at Bridge
>Street Books (2814 Pennsylvani Ave. in Georgetown, next to the Four
>Seasons Hotel)

Julian, I can't go, but I can give you some useful info. This is at the
eastern edge of Georgetown. You get to it by going west from Washington's
downtown business district. Pennsylvania Ave stretches all the way from the
eastern outskirts of Washington, up to the Mall, takes a skip over the
Capitol and the White House, and dead ends at the edge of GEorgetown in the
West, ending right at M St. NW. There is a Penn exit off the Rock Creek
Parkway southbound, if you're coming that way. You will turn right on Penn
if you use this exit.

According to my map, the 2800 block of Penn must be the westernmost block
of Penn, just as it merges with M St and continues to become the main drag
of Georgetown. From the opposite, or western, direction, if you enter Gtown
from the Key Bridge, coming from VA, then just drive east on M until you
get a chance to veer right onto Penn. Someplace in there is the Four
Seasons Hotel, and next to that will be the Bridge St. bookstore.