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>>From: W. Andrew Schloss[]
>>Sent: Saturday, July 12, 1997 6:17 AM
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>>Subject: Electronic Music Festival in Cuba in 1998
>>Please note: I am forwarding this announcement as a favor to the Cuban
>>organizers, who do not have easy access to email. My apologies if you
>>receive more than one copy. This festival should be quite interesting.
>>The host, Juan Blanco, has been an active composer in electronic music
>>many decades. Note that for US citizens, this conference would probably
>>be considered valid for a US Treasury license for travel to Cuba, so it
>>an opportunity to visit Cuba legally. See
>> for more
>>information. If you're thinking of visiting Cuba before it becomes
>>something vastly different, this might be a good opportunity.
>> ------------------------------------------
>>Dear Computer Music composer/researcher:
>>We have the honor of inviting you to participate in the celebration of
>>**VII Festival Internacional de Musica Electroacustica**, which under the
>>name of "Primavera en La Habana," will take place from the 2nd to 7th of
>>March, 1998, in Havana, CUBA.
>>The Festival has taken place in Varadero Beach since its creation, up
>>until its sixth edition. On this occasion we have chosen the colonial
>>part of the capital, Old Havana, due to its architectural beauty and its
>>long cultural tradition. Many events will take place in the Convento de
>>Santa Clara, a magnificent restored convent in Old Havana, with numerous
>>possibilities for outdoor performances.
>>Participation in the festival will have a number of options for those
>>interested in taking part:
>>I. Multimedia shows, for which entries will be open until the 30th of
>>November 1997.
>>II. Concert presentations for:
>>a) Works for electroacoustic music on tape.
>>b) Works for electronic means and acoustic instruments, on tape.
>>c) Live electronic works (en situ)
>>d) Live electronic works with acoustic instruments (en situ)
>>The entry date for these presentations expires January 15, 1998,
>>All projects should be sent to the Organizing Committee before expiration
>>of entry dates.
>>We hope to be able to enjoy your company in this, a year so full of
>>cultural and historic celebrations.
>>Juan Blanco Alicia Perea Maza
>>Presidente Presidenta
>>Festival Instituto Cubano de la Musica
>>for more information, please contact the Organizing Committee:
>>Instituto Cubano de la Musica Laboratorio Musica
>>Calle 15 esq. a F #452 Vedado Calle 17 esq. a I #260, 1er piso,
>>La Habana, 10400, CUBA La Habana, 10400, CUBA
>>tel (53 7) 31-1698 fax (53-7) 66-2286
>>fax (53-7) 33-3716