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Sun, 5 Apr 1998 23:45:43 +1200 (NZST)

this is some info on our label.We are based in New Zealand and have been
self releasing these records and making albums for a few years.
Look for White Winged Moth on a performance tour of the USA in May 1998.
I am interested sounding out venues/galleries/festivals/radio stations who
may be interested in hosting an event.

>______________Formacentric 46251 Auckland 1002 New Zealand.__

>White Winged Moth:Ribbon Arcade CD.forma 003.
>>Ribbon Arcade is the third album released by Auckland,New Zealand based
>>Guitar player Dean Roberts under the White Winged Moth moniker,and to anyone
>>who's followed Dean's work-weather solo or as a 3rd of the now defunct
>>improvisational Trio Thela-the sound it contains will come as the best kind
>>of surprise.
>>Whereas Dean's previous two White Winged Moth albums -'i can see inside your
>>house'(poon village 96) and 'Silo Blanket',which he released as a ltd edition
>>LP on his own Formacentric imprint last year-displayed a patient,diligent
>>approach to sound creation ,primarily based around pensive string-plucking
>>and the gradual playing off of two sound sources,here Dean has adopted a new
>>collage aesthetic of sound-making and -erasing,with radically different and
>>aurally new results.
>> Ribbon Arcade's opening passage seems to refer directly back to Dean's last
>>solo release,the 'Moth Park/Soundtracks to Utopia' CD,confusingly released
>>late last year on Formacentric Disk-after 'Silo Blanket' and 'Cassavetes',a
>>duo LP with Auckland conceptual artist and improvising percussionist Guy
>>Treadgold-as a Dean Roberts and not White Winged Moth title.
>>But any resemblance to past work quickly evades,as Dean sets about
>>ambitiously drawing himself a new vector diagram manifesto for the task of
>>future sound excellence.
>>'RIBBON ARCADE' crumbles the safe constructs of past White Winged Moth
>>releases,blending composition and improvisation for a viscerally striking
>>new perspective.Whereas before Dean set about limited himself to a small
>>palette of instruments,here the range is expanded and diversified ,with
>>Cello,cymbals,Zither and percussion entering into and fading out of the
>>mix,where befor he focused on micro-movements,incremental accreations and
>>slow gradations of change,the pace her is upped,with somw of the patern
>>shifts so sudden and relativly surprising in concept and excecution to almost
>>qualify as jump-cuts.
>>Befor Dean experimented cautiously and temperatly with timbres and
>>textures,here he plays with them freely,juxtaposing them cleverly and
>>allowing them space and air to interweave and interact in new and trilling
>>Looking for abroad for inspiration to the collage diversities and mutating
>>arrangements of John Wall,the invisible psycho-accoustics and sound editiong
>>tecniques of RLW and masterful sound transformations and part-splicing of
>>Dumetrescu,Dean has come up with what is certainly his most exciting and
>>radical work to date.Based on establishing ideas whilst simultaneously
>>subverting them,RIBBON ARCADE instantly opens up a whole new range of soinc
>>possibilities for the White Winged Moth oevre.
>>An of-the-year effort from one of New Zealands most accomplished sound
>>Nick Cain-Editor,Opprobrium Magazine.
>>Christchurch,March 1998.
>>Formacentric Disk p.o.Box 46251 Auckland 1002 New Zealand
>>Distributed exclusivly In the USA by Forced Exposure
>>Also available.
>>Dean Roberts:Moth Park/Soundtracks to Utopia.CD forma 001
>>This new work for solo electric Guitar and atmosphere...Incorperating
>>drone,sound sculpture and a post AMM sene of air-piercing magnitude..his most
>>fully realised insight into the world hovering space/sound yet.
>>A classic of contemporary emotional minimalism in a league of it's own.
>>Forced Exposure Catalog,Oct 97.
>Dean Roberts - Discography.
>White Winged Moth:ribbon arcade.CD Formacentric Disk 1998
>Dean Roberts:Moth Park/Soundtracks to utopia.CD Formacentric 1997
>Dean Roberts/Guy Treadgold.Cassavetes.LP Formacentric 1997
>White Winged Moth.Silo Blanket.LP Formacentric 1997.
>THELA.Argentina. CD Ecstatic Peace. /forced exposure 1996
>White Winged Moth:ican see inside your house.LP/CD.Poon Village.1996
>THELA:E 53. Ecstatic Peace/Forced Exposure 1995
>THELA:s/t LP TRC 1994.