one dream on the train

DreamNews (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 14:36:43 EDT

As an artist with a longstanding interest in dreams as an inexhaustible source
of copyright-free imagery, I'm not strongly inclined to regard dreams as
supernatural "messages" or paranormal"manifestations" of some kind . . .
however I did have one last night that definitely crossed the line.

I was standing on the platform at the 34th street IRT stop waiting for the
downtown express to Brooklyn, having just gotten off Amtrak I guess. And there
was Randy, waiting for the same train. I knew in the dream that Randy was dead
and that I was dreaming, and I had the (for me) uncharacteristic sense that
this was some kind of "visitation", that Randy was coming to check up on
things. We had a long, catch-up kind of conversation (unfortunately,
discussion of his status as a supernatural visitor seemed to be an off-limits
subject) which went all the way to Grand Army Plaza, where we both got off and
went our separate ways. I was going to my parents' house and Randy was on his
way to do some art project, which involved placing phonograph records in
various spots amidst the rubble of a recently demolished building and
photographing the results.

The dream seemed to take place in real time - ie, the train ride in the dream
took just as long as it does in real life - and it was rendered in extremely
lifelike detail - every light bulb and dirty window faithfully recreated.
(Dreams like this take a lot of processor horsepower and leave me feeling
exhausted upon awakening!)

Your comments are welcome (but sorry guys - the records-in-the-rubble project
is MINE!!)

Luke Jaeger