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!!CARY PEPPERMINT!! the ahistorical kid!!!

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This is a peppermint PLEASE READ V0000 written as shareware. Please
interpret, perform, update and distribute freely.

I was born in the USA on a commune near Crossville, Tennessee on
February 16, 1970. My god-given, birthright name is Cary Peppermint. I
do not belong to this world nor will I ever, although the many dialogues
of this world inform me and I like to fuck around with information.







This is a peppermint RESPONSE V122 written as shareware. Please
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138INFOSLUT:If art is a form of creative journalism, yes. It pays to be
knee dip in the shit you're trying to explain/destroy/liberate from if
you have some idea of how deep the shit really gets.

peppermint:in this regard then i too am knee deep in the shit of which
you speak. only, it more than often does not serve my art and instead
compromises it primarily in terms of time lost. if you are someone who
positively feeds off of this dynamic of keeping one foot in the creative
and another in industry then i am sincerely happy for you. i wish i
could find a motivated and productive rhythm within this system of
exchange and production. problem is i can't.

i don't think either of us are stupid or mal-aligned. i agree in certain
situations it helps to know what you are up against. problem is i feel,
with regard to this particular thread, we are up against a system so
thorough in its pervasive distribution of oppressions that subversion is
no longer an option or even a word of relevance. so in metaphor, we know
at birth our timely demise. thus lifetimes are rendered useless, bleak
and quantitative; much like our beautiful today ruined by the weather
channel's 5 day forecast... does not everyone of us know already at some
junction just exactly how deep the shit gets?

the impetus behind my postings and much of my work at current is to
consider ways of re-collecting utopia and structuring it in updated
model of pre-collection bla bla bla bla... simply put: visionary art
dosed with sincerity even if the sincerity is an acknowledgment that all
is very insincere... like dressing up as a your favorite teletubbie and
performing open heart surgery... this to me fosters a more dynamic sense
of being than simply dressing as a teletubbie.


This is a peppermint STATEMENT V33 written as shareware. Please
interpret, perform, update and distribute freely.

1. Restless Culture: To evoke restless and dynamic cultural
sensibilities. Whereas once the word "revolution" held this promise now
that word is an incorporated and ineffective phantom which serves
primarily as ad copy for agencies of capital. A "hypetime" (see#3) is
the ultimate disenfranchised phenomenon.

2. Simulation Sincerity: A system which emphasisizes the values of
exchange as the primary qualification of its collective consciousness
commits the first act of insincerity by imposing methods of
disqualification upon all other alter-narratives not in the service of
capital. Such a system narrowly transfixed upon its own retention of
power, propogates a seemingly endless series of manipulated models or
simulacras in the service of power. An admission of this insincerity on
the personal level is the first step toward re-collection of our
fractured and capitalist impaired psyches.

3. Hypetime: A personal and dynamic series of convoluted happenings. A
culturally restless re-alignment of the mythos of a linear and cohesive
narrative called "lifetime". Hypetime is the unstable work of "being" in
continuous update.

4. Moment Deferred/Exposures: Can works and spaces function on a dynamic
and psychic level in a time period and via mediations that are the
mirrors of dystopian? Leave the dissolution of the "real" to fashion. It
does a far better job with much greater capital than most artists can
attain. Through "moment deferred," there is the possibility for
"hyper-real-sincerity". The creation of works as "exposures": time that
breaks the surface and does not freeze the actual moment but instead
freezes the reference of moment as in the photographic plate. "Moment
Deferred": never here, not now. The collective conscious at the end of
the century suggests we regulate our dreams lest we be labeled naive or
utopian. Exposures are admissions into pre-collection and re-collection.
Culturally adrift, we can dream again.


This is a peppermint EXPOSURE V12 written as shareware. Please
interpret, perform, update and distribute freely.

Thank you to all of you who supported me in the Diabetes Walk that I
participated in today. Mary Beth, Karrie, and myself braced ourselves
for the wind and rain and made it through without any problems. It was a
little chilly, but once we got ourselves walking we warmed up and had a
great time. I can still accept donations so for those of you who are
still in the willing and giving mood, you can either mail it or if I see
you during HOmecoming you can give it to me then. Thanks to all of you
for thinking of me and urging me one, you were my support today as I was
drenched and covered in mud.

Thanks again, JS


This is a peppermint RESPONSE V92 written as shareware. Please
interpret, perform, update and distribute freely.

Oliver Frommel:could you PLEASE refrain from sending us spam!!!

peppermint:Why will you not post my information to the list? Maybe there
is a misunderstanding? I have been following the Info War dialogue and
these SPAMS are my simulation-sincere contributions. Having been
inundated in the very latest perversions of Americana, I have devised a
series of SPAM 'weapons' with which to destroy the list via
self-exploitative consumer diversions.




This is a peppermint RESPONSE V89 written as shareware. Please
interpret, perform, update and distribute freely.

TWHID:cary peppermint calls for a constant life in update, ebon fisher
talks of digital worlds structured by the manifesto of wigglism, andy
warhol created a pop star, and duchamp became rrose selavy.

peppermint:who is andy warhol?

TWHID:all of these artists are the artwork. when the body, the life, the
action of the artist become the art; all media become relevant:
crossmedia, transmedia, intermedia, no media reigns supreme.

peppermint: when a lifetime becomes the work then all texts become
convoluted, and fallout occurs all around the mythos of historical. i
think of this as "restless culture". to speak of this is really to speak
of strategies that aspire to circumvent an all pervasive hegemony
comprised of museums, galleries--name the contemporary "free market"
institution of your choice. sadly, i do not think many people would
really care to accept the loss of their own vestiges of power that could
result from such a commitment.

i am not talking alternative strategies here. all roads lead to
incorporated status within the current system because each alternative
enjoys a symbiotic relationship with their binary. a field within which
"a position-taking changes, even when the position remains identical"
(pierre bourdieu, 'the economic world reversed').

at best i can suggest approaches of "simulation sincerity" (an update
for what was previously alternative) by this i mean works which first
and foremost acknowledge the dystopian-simulated juncture of our current
time and placement yet wish to engage in media, works, spaces and
dialogues which operate with sincerity in the symbolic.; a circumvention
of hackneyed postmodern works which employ irony and parody as

such a commitment toward new strategies might include: art in continuous
update and series to establish art as the everyday experience. art as
"exposures" (akin to what was previously considered "happenings"). i
understand this to mean "time that breaks the surface" (virilio, 'open
sky') and does not freeze the actual moment, but instead freezes the
reference of moment as in a photographic plate. moment deferred... never
here, not now; the collective conscious at the end of the century would
tell us to regulate our dreams lest we be labeled naive or utopian.
however, with works and understandings which bypass these notions we can
dream again; pre-collection, re-collection. exposures that allow us
glimpses of what was previously considered "real". (andreas huyssen
skirts this in 'twilight memories': memories of utopia).


This is a peppermint RESPONSE V107 written as shareware. Please
interpret, perform, update and distribute freely.

etc:i want to become an (in)famous underground net.artist, & i'll keep
spamming mailing lists until somebody tells me how. all suggestions are

peppermint:you are already infamous. you have done it all. you have seen
it all. there is nothing left for you to do. you have come full circle.
you are sort of born again. you are just like a baby now. you are
potential incarnate. you could call yourself: "self" (though without the
selfishness) or maybe "building" (in the eloquent down time before earth
fronts arrogant steel). come to think of it, you really should call
yourself "building" STARTING NOW and live a whole lifetime in resonance
with that title. if you do call yourself "building" let me know when you
once again arrive to the infamous ebb of things then we could get
together and have a late night conversation at which time i promise to
be a devoted listener and thrill to all stories of building.


This is a peppermint EXPOSURE V86 written as shareware. Please
interpret, perform, update and distribute freely.

THIS SUNDAY OCTOBER 18th Check out the book section of the Sunday Extra
component of the New York Daily News.

I AM THE YOUNG MAN IN WHITE MASK If this image of me affects you at the
psychic level and produces a general feeling of restlessness or
otherwise alters your behaviorism in any way then...

CONSIDER THIS: A symbolic threesome with me and a friend of yours (or a
special and very well trusted friend of mine). We could wear masks like
the one I am wearing in the Daily News, strip down to our underwear and
take a shower together without touching at all. The warm water of my
high powered shower might contribute toward our understanding of
connection as we enjoy somatic resonance in a healthy and clean manner.

of all the fun we will have thereafter--quickly committing this
transmission to forgetfulness and getting off on the ahistorical values
of our excited endeavor.