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Subject: Campaign to Help Belgrade's Independent Radio B92
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Special Announcement Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker

Dear CTHEORY readers,

We have just received this important request for assistance for B92,
Yugoslavia's most important independent radio station, some of whose
members have been arrested in an attempt to silence this voice of
independent, progressive opinion in Yugoslavia.

For additional reading please also see:
Event-scene 67 - "Belgrade Burning?" In _CTHEORY_ (13 October, 1998)

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
Editors, CTHEORY

>>Dear All,
>>As you will know, air strikes on Yugoslavia are now
>>underway. One of the outcomes of this war situation is the
>>closure of Yugoslavia's most important independent media
>>entity, radio station B92.
>>A group of people from Europe and from around the world are
>>staging a campaign to help B92 continue to provide news
>>updates about the situation in Yugoslavia as it develops.
>>The campaign is centred in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
>>through the internet service provider, XS4ALL and the
>>cultural organisation, De Balie. The group aims to achieve
>>this through the establishment of a fundraising campaign, a
>>website and a Real Audio service.
>>The current crisis situation in Yugoslavia means that the
>>potential for B92 continuing its independent news service is
>>limited. The recently founded support group intends to take
>>measures to distribute news by and about B92, from
>>Amsterdam. For this purpose a special website has been
>>B92 is the backbone of the independent news service in
>>Yugoslavia. Without immediate support this last source of
>>independent news for the inhabitants of this region is
>>endangered. A campaign has been started by the support
>>group, with the objective of sending money and equipment to
>>B92 and other independent radio stations in Serbia and
>>There are four key ways that you can assist the group in its
>>support of B92.
>>1) Link to our website:
>>by using the logo from the website and promote the spreading
>>of this logo in any way you can. This logo is also attached
>>to this email.
>>Also link to the B92 website:
>>2) Help us raise funds for B92 and other endangered
>>independent news services from Serbia and Kosovo. The
>>special accountnumber that has been opened for donations is
>>7676 (Postbank, Netherlands).
>>by international money order payable to:
>>Press Now
>>Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
>>1017 RR Amsterdam
>>or by international bank transfer to:
>>Postbank Amsterdam
>>Swift address: INGBNL2A
>>Accountnumber: 7676
>>in the name of: Press Now (adress above)
>>Please specify "Help B92".
>>3) Distribute the press release about the fundraising
>>campaign to your local media. You will find the press
>>release at the end of this email.
>>4) Sign the guestbook on the website if you want to express
>>your individual support or, if you represent an organisation
>>that wants to become part of the support group, mail us more
>>details about the organisation and nature of the support
>>offered, preferably accompanied by a small logo in
>>gif-format to include on our website.
>>The Help B92 Team:
>>De Balie:
>>De Digitale Stad:
>>Next 5 Minutes:
>>Press Now:
>>radioqualia (Australia):
>>De Waag (MONM):
>>Please Note that the following is the new link for B92 live
>>internet audio stream:
>>Press Release
>>If you want to include the following press release
>>in your website then please copy and paste as required:
>>Press Release March 24th 1999
>>Help B92 and the independent media in Yugoslavia Latest news
>>Last night the transmitter of radio B92 from Belgrade was
>>confiscated by the Serbian authorities. The editor-in-chief,
>>Veran Matic, was held in custody in a police station for
>>well over 8 hours. Despite this intimidation the station
>>continues its independent news service. At De Balie in
>>Amsterdam a support group has been founded tonight, which
>>intends to support B92 and other independent media in
>>Yugoslavia where possible in the continuation of these
>>important news services.
>>With the support of internet provider XS4ALL B92 also
>>transmits its signals via internet since december 1996.
>>These digital broadcasts are picked up by the BBC
>>Worldservice and retransmitted via satellite. Through a
>>network of local radio stations the programs of B92 can be
>>heard throughout Serbia, despite repeated attempts by the
>>authorities to silence the station. At this moment it is
>>still possible to follow the broadcasts of Radio B92 in real
>>audio on their website, at
>>In light of the current tense situation it is very likely
>>that the possibilities of B92 to continue its independent
>>news service will be limited even further. The support group
>>therefore intends to take measures to distribute news by and
>>about B92 from Amsterdam. For that purpose a special website
>>has been opened at
>>B92 is the backbone of the independent news service in
>>Yugoslavia. Without immediate financial support this last
>>source of independent news for the inhabitants of this
>>region is endangered. A fundraising campaign is being
>>started by the support group, in order to send money and
>>equipment to B92 and other independent radio stations in
>>Serbia and Kosovo as soon as possible.
>>The founders of the support group are: B92, De Balie, De
>>Digitale Stad, Next 5 Minutes, Press Now, radioqualia
>>(Australia), De Waag (MONM) en XS4ALL.
>>For more information or to send messages of support, please
>>e-mail You can also digitally support this
>>initiative by copying the special logo onto your website and
>>linking to Help B92.
>Mag. Christian Eigner
>"zum Thema:"
>Reichsstrasse 59
>A-8045 Graz
>Tel.: ++43 664 21 13 772