Electronica/Techno Music project in Washington, DC
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 12:47:27 -0500


I am currently in Washington, DC, composing for a project called SUBVERSIF. I
compose techno/electronica instrumentals for the dance floor, and am looking to
make a group of performance artists to be onstage with me and perform 4-5 minute
skits each, 1 or 2 skits per show, per performance artist. The main objective
of this exercise is to involve performance art with techno music, focusing on
the performance artist as the "stage attraction".

I have done this type of performance for several years in Brazil, and the
results have been extremely interesting and very entertaining for the audience.
This is an excellent chance for performance artists to have a new venue for
their productions. Although I have small skits in mind, I am open to any
suggestion, including using a single artist doing 1 or more skits throughout
the 50-minute show.

Although at the moment the material is not complete and there are no bookings,
the project will be complete by summer. I will be touring all over the country,
so if you are not from the DC area, it is not a problem. We can join forces and
work to land a gig wherever your area is.

This type of collaborative work can be done by exchanging demos, email, video,
and telephone. There is no need for real-time rehearsal, although critical,
detailed organization of a performance and its development would be needed.

The promotional power of a music band combined with a "performance happening" of
a performance artist can be interesting and has not been done on any small or
large scale, to my knowledge....not with techno-club music, anyway. The market
for this type of activity ranges from 18-35 year-olds, so we have a wide base of
market pull.

If you are interested please contact Khommand Productions at the following
address (emails are great, too)

Khommand Productions
2201 Wisconsin Avenue, Nw
Ste. 519
Washington, DC 20007
Attn: Marcelo Donolo

(202) 473-4758
(202) 965-0396

I hope I can stir some attention!
I have a small production company, but have the drive to make things happen. I
have released various materials (4 albums, jingles, TV media material, and
performance videos), and have produced various bands and projects in the
Brazilian music market.

Talk to you soon!