An Ode from the Hewes Family

Our Ode for Randy

We cannot understand
The loss of this young man
We’ve known since birth.
Bright, engaging, caring–
A vivid personality,
Whose talents
Plays and songs, and
Everyday experiences.In Washington
The turned-up collar of the gray tweed coat
(A crooked smile)
Announced him:
Piano tuner, composer,
Court musician for family milestones,
–Christmas carols in the basement,
–Shining, as the centerpiece
Of our 25th anniversary celebration.
A sterling friend to each of us,
For flicks and trips
Tai chi, Frisbee, art shows,
and always,
Music, music, music.

His L.A.. life we joined
As well.
He hosted each of us
At divers times,
Wrapping us
into his own kaleidoscope.

Our heart and soul
And his.
Cool summer evenings, or on cross-country trails,
And mountain walks
With heartfelt talks.
Bread and Puppet antics
And exotic food
He chose and cooked.
The latest,
Adding SPAT
To his evolving repertoire,
Performed with lively wit,
Enhanced the Northeast Kingdom’s
Oh, so rich! cultural mix,
And put his name on
Improvisational acts.

Going forward, now
Without him,
Joins us
In one family
We are so rich
In cherished memories —
Glistening reflections
In a deep pool
Of widening ripples.

We love you Randy.

Mary, Larry, Four,
Patrick and Molly Hewes