“Out of the Blue”

Out of the Blue is a piece for solo tuned bell-plates from Arthur Jarvinen’s latest CD, Erase the Fake, available on O.O. Discs #48.
The following poem by AJ is from the cd liner notes:

                        Out of the Blue

                        that's how the news came
                        randy died, age 32
                        metronome just stopped

                        slap in the face
                        cold hard reality
                        brutally insinuating itself
                        where it's not wanted

                        truth hurts
                        don't it
                        like a cruel insult
                        to everything you value

                        sometimes you have to hit back
                        reclaim your dignity
                        turn the tables
                        reshape the moment

                        turn no into yes
                        music can do that

                        hitting back with hammers
                        pounding steel ringing out
                        crying out

                        difference tones buzzing in the ears - i've always liked that feeling -
                        that sound that's not "really" there
                        the inner ear's way of making sense of it

                        you can hear them but they don't get on tape
                        reality or imagination
                        what's the difference?
                        it feels good

                        hammers hitting steel
                        a simple affirmation
                        of a worthwhile life