Randy’s Dream About John Cage

Words from Randy
Randy’s Dream about John Cage

“I dreamed I was flying through a very beautiful mountaineous area in a small plane with John Cage. It was just the two of us. He was piloting and I was in a seat somewhere behind him. A large commercial passenger plane passed nearby us as it headed for the airport below. As we made our own descent, I found myself involved in mental calculations of speed and distance to the runway based on a constantly updating visual display. John Cage said something like ‘The trick is changing your idea of what close is.’ His flying seemed a bit shaky. I began to wonder if he knew what he was doing. In the end, we missed not only our runway, but the entire airport. Ducking our heads to avoid obstacles in our plane that now had no roof, we landed safely in a small river. But our friends were there in a boat to meet us and take us to dinner.”

Randy Hostetler
January 1993